Moleskine Planners: The Key to a Good PennFace

*Punch Bowl Freshman Nick Jindal reports on the Moleskine Planner*

The Punch Bowl’s field reporter P. Lanner is here to advocate for Penn’s newest trend. Moleskine notebook/planner sales are skyrocketing. Just go ask the people in the bookstore; these low-priced, magical life-organizers are going fast. Be sure to get one while supplies last! Just listen to these happy, real customers:

Hannah, a Wharton freshman : “My life was in pieces, and my Penn face was becoming my only face. I was doing so ‘great,’ but now, thanks to my Moleskine planner, I feel like I’m on top of the world. I get all my work done early, make time for clubs, sports, socializing, parties, and I even get at least eight hours of sleep a night.”

Jacob, a College sophomore: “My freshman year was a true disaster. I never had anything scheduled properly, I missed out on so many club opportunities, and I got a B in ECON 001. I thought I’d never be able to transfer to Wharton. But, after buying a brand-new Moleskine planner for this year, I feel more in order, and I’m acing my ECON 002 class. Maybe Wharton isn’t so far off.”

Daniel, a junior in Huntsman: “Surviving the Huntsman program seemed like an impossible task, but with my Moleskine planner, I have enough time for everything. I can’t wait to tell my parents about my Goldman Sachs interview I have next month, all thanks to my Moleskine planner. I wonder if Sir Goldman Sachs uses one… I should suggest it to my interviewer!”

You heard it here folks. Get yours while supplies last. Pricing information listed below:

1 mole’s worth of planner : $59.99

The “I color-code my calendar” Specials : 2/ $129.99, 3/ $249.99

Limited supply miniature planners (one per customer):$99.99

(Dining dollars are not accepted as payment, but you can trade meal swipes for cash to buy planners at a rate of 50cents/swipe)

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