The Pennsylvania Punch Bowl, founded in 1899, has been committed to providing satirical insights to the Penn community and beyond. We publish articles about a wide variety of topics, including college life, campus events, Greek Life, arts and entertainment, national and world news, etc. If you wish to advertise with us, either through our publication or online assets (website and social media), we would be excited work with you. We publish various size advertisements in our print issue and use our online assets for sponsored postings.

Who reads The Pennsylvania Punch Bowl?

Both our magazine and website are catered to every student and administrator on campus and beyond. Due to our wide variety of content, our publication is not limited to students with specific majors or academic interests. With print publications 4 times per year with a distribution of 2000 magazines each issue and online publication daily, every student on campus has access to our comedic takes on campus life and other issues in general. Because of this, advertising with The Pennsylvania Punch Bowl will reach a huge number of college students and alumni.

Who reads our content online?

Since its inception, The Pennsylvania Punch Bowl’s website has received over 164,000 views. Our website is updated daily and advertised across all major social media outlets. Because of our website’s high numbers and busy traffic, any advertisement will reach a large amount of students. The Pennsylvania Punch Bowl’s website is the perfect place to advertise for restaurants, clothing stores, bookstores, and anything else that college students would be interested in.

Your advertisement, your way.

Because of the popularity of both our publication and website, your advertisement will make a large impression on our readers. We offer exceptional deals for our advertisements, which means low prices and very high exposure. The magazine’s professional print, vibrant colors, and advanced graphics will undoubtedly draw attention to your advertisement.

Who will see my advertisement?

10,000 Penn undergraduate students

11,000 Penn graduate students

4,200 Faculty members

5,000+ students from the surrounding Philadelphia area

Where is The Pennsylvania Punch Bowl distributed?

In addition to distributing our print issues directly, our magazines are continually stocked at multiple locations throughout Penn’s campus. These popular stations include Van Pelt Library, Kelly Writers House, Houston Hall Dining, Houston Hall Lobby, Williams Hall Lobby, and virtually all of Penn’s housing areas.

For more information about our publication or to place an advertisement, please contact

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