Founded in 1899, The Pennsylvania Punch Bowl is the University of Pennsylvania’s oldest and funniest satirical publication. We’re also one of the oldest campus humor magazines in the United States.

Our co-founders, Ed “Burry” Rich and Dan “Deacon” Karcher, were also members of Penn’s now defunct Anti-Co Ed club (which was exactly what it sounds like). We’re sure they’d be very proud of our magazine’s (almost) all-female leadership team today.

An excerpt from the 1900 Penn Record yearbook. Ed Rich skipped class so frequently that his professors still didn’t recognize him during final exams (I bet we can all relate to that).

Over 120 years later, The Pennsylvania Punch Bowl has joked about everything from the DP and the Vietnam War to Wharton and your mom.


Our magazine publishes three print issues annually and new web content daily. We’re also active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

We hope you like our content, and that you’ll laugh, cry, or achieve enlightenment. Okay, maybe just laugh or cry…


We’re looking for University Pennsylvania students interested in one or more of the following areas: comedy/writinggraphic designmarketing, and video.

No application or experience required! Just a sense of humor and/or a based and red-pilled mindset.

Click this link to contact us about joining our staff.