30 Ways to get Yourself Kicked out of Huntsman

  1. Forget your Spike username
  2. Help another student with homework
  3. Wear a grey suit
  4. Wear a wrinkled suit
  5. Wear your birthday suit
  6. Use Jon Huntsman’s personal platinum urinal
  7. Mention the word “insider trading”
  8. Mention that you enjoy volunteer work
  9. Show up for a pre-12:00 class
  10. Schedule a Friday class
  11. Ask someone if they’re a Democrat
  12. Be a Democrat
  13. Pretend to be a Democrat
  14. Ask someone how their day is going
  15. Offer to collaborate on an assignment
  16. Ask Jon Huntsman Jr. how the election went
  17. Unbutton your top button
  18. Forget to swipe in
  19. Accidentally walk past the guard then forget to re-swipe in
  20. Be a vegan
  21. Enjoy folk music
  22. Explain your reasoning for supporting Obamacare
  23. Pronounce finance like a normal person (it’s fine-ance, not fin-ance)
  24. Confuse OPIM with opium
  25. Feel prepared for a status report
  26. Mention that you like some of the food at the Bridge Café
  27. Get a summer job at a day camp
  28. Accidentally drop money
  29. Pick up money you accidentally dropped worth less than $20
  30. Ask what OCR stands for

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