The Punch Bowl Guide to a Spook-Tacular Columbus Day

Just because it’s not Halloween yet doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the eerie side of life at any holiday! Here is a list of Punch Bowl approved tips and tricks for making your Columbus Day the scariest on the block:

1)   When hitting the mall for special Columbus Day sales, make sure to celebrate by donning a set of vampire teeth or a witch’s hat. Everyone will know you’re there to make the most of the low, low prices while also embracing your creepy side!

2)   Fake spiders frozen into ice trays make extra spooky drink accessories. Throw a couple in there with your favorite Columbus Cocktail; they can give any Santa Maria Margarita a little holiday kick!

3)   Columbus day isn’t just about shopping or getting a day off of work. It’s also about remembering the native people that Christopher Columbus enslaved when he came to the New World, essentially beginning the appalling tradition of bondage that would plague this country for the next several hundred years. Carve a pumpkin in the shape of a cat!

4)   Instead of giving candy to Columbus Day revelers, observe authentic Columbus Day tradition by fearfully avoiding Catholic and immigrant influence. Decorate monster themed cookies with your kids for a frightful snack, reminiscent of everyone’s crippling fear of the unknown.

5)   Spread Columbus Day cheer by dressing up as 15th century Italian noblemen in the annual Columbus Day parade, sparklers certainly add to the Second-Monday-in-October pizzazz!

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