Other Hillarys I Am Ready For

On this night, we ask, “Why is this Hillary different from all the other Hillarys?” Here, I present some other Hillarys (well, Hilarys) that I am equally, if not more, ready for.

  • Hilary Duff’s relationship with Aaron Carter
  • Hilary Duff dropping a new album
  • The next episode of that new TV show starring Hilary Duff
  • Fashion help from the Fresh Prince’s Hilary
  • A new inspirational movie starring Hilary Swank (Titled P.S. I Love You, Too: Revenge of the R.S.V.P.)
  • A visit from the ghost of Sir Edmund Hillary
  • A new Lizzie McGuire movie guest-starring Hillary Clinton in which Lizzie learns a lesson about women in politics #Lizzie2016 #WhatDreamsAreMadeOf
  • Another cold open showcasing Kate McKinnon’s impression of Hillary Clinton
  • A book of short stories from award-winning author Dame Hilary Mantel
  • A veggie burger from Hilary’s Eat Well
  • Studying the exegetical works of Hilary of Poitiers
  • A trip to the luxury Hilary Boutique Hotel in Cambodia
  • A biohazard mask from Hilary’s Vanity
  • A corned beef sandwich from Hilary’s Restaurant and Royal Deli
  • An answer to the question “Why is there only one notable Hillary who spells her name with two Ls?” (Because Hillary is the only true Hillary and there can be no others!!!)

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