You Are What You Search For

by Walker Hawkins

           It’s an understatement to say that nothing you do online is private. Even simple, everyday things you do on the Internet, like utilizing search engines, are recorded in some dank basement in the Pentagon and catalogued for future use. Being the wanna-be Hardy Boy that I am, I decided that I wanted to see some of these searches, specifically those of the average student from the College, Nursing, Engineering, and Wharton. Below are my findings.

Google Searches Made By:
Nursing Students:
Organic chemistry
Organic chemistry + help me
Murse –“man purse”
Band aid + “how to apply”

Engineering Students:
Advanced physics
Advanced physics + answers
Hardcore + women
Hardcore + women + horse
Hardcore + women + sheep
Hardcore + horse + sheep
Friends + “how to obtain”

College Students:
Beer pong
Parents money
Parents money + “how to spend”
Best majors
Best majors –“hard majors”
Why does no one take me seriously?

Wharton Students:
Tool + definition
Tool + definition + self test
Pick up lines
Fashion tips
Fashion tips + “dress shoes, white socks?”
“What makes me better than other people?”
“What makes me better than other people?” -money

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