Top 10 Reasons It's Great to be Greek

by Michelle Zimmerman

Top 10 Reasons It’s Great to Be Greek
(if you’re hot!!! OMG!)

1. Lineage Lovin’ isn’t considered incestual
2. Theme parties…bringing back bat mitzvahs, the unitard, and plastic bags
3. Your back’s always covered… but electrolysis and waxing are good options
4. Keeping cable knit sweaters and UGGZ alive
5. Endless supply of academic support at 1-215-LUV-COKE
6. Holding annual clothing drives means we can get rid of last season’s Dolce and Louis to make room for this season’s!! I ♥♥♥ being philanthropic
7. Great connections after you graduate, 1-215-LUV-COKE
8. Our salads are big enough to last at last three days
9. Partay!!!
10. Part B

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