by Walker Hawkins

           With finals finally upon us, you’re probably wishing you took some easier courses this semester so you wouldn’t be shitting your pants at this exact moment in time. I’m sure taking 5 ½ credits seemed liked a good idea at the time, but now you’re beginning to realize that the ½ a credit is about as enjoyable as eating raw beef. With that said, here are what some of the courses on which your peers are getting tested and that you might consider for next semester. However, please note these classes are not for everyone, but should be easy enough for a student in that respective school.


NURS 001: If you’re scared of needles, give up now
NURS 227: How being a nurse is nothing like the show Scrubs
NURS 228: How nursing is exactly like Scrubs


MKTG 050: Having a conscience doesn’t equal sales
OPIM 319: How to use search engines
FNCE 335: How to suffocate all human emotion and make lots of money doing it!


CHEM 270: Those guys from Weird Science had the right idea
PHYS 464: So that’s why that hurts
MATH 720: Numbers aren’t real. It was all a lie.

College of Arts and Sciences:

COMM 020: Can you read? Congratulations, here’s your degree
BIOL 127 / VLST 23: Drawing the reproductive system
URBS 519: How to make a knife out of just about anything

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