Medical Rock's Liquid Explosion Collection

by Rish Chaudhuri

The Medical Rock Liquid Explosion collection features all your favorite 45s and AM radio classics from the emergency room, the waiting room, and even the hospital carpark! These are the songs you listened to while you were taking a trip down Operation Lane!

This volume from Time-Life is the most complete Medical Rock compilation ever. Some songs that you will enjoy include:

Rock you like a Hemorrhoid Public Enema

Prostate Paradise Proctologist Dre

Your Boyfriend’s Dead Wrong Diagnosis

Inner Child C Section

Big Balls Elephantiasis

Your Mommy is A Daddy Sex Change

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction Erectile Dysfunction

Like A Virgin Rape Kit

Kick Start My Heart Defibrilatorz

I Remember You Short Term Memory Loss

Scars The Cosmetologists

Everybody Has Aids! H.I.V

Virus Ebola

Bitches Ain’t Shit The Vet

And many more! These blasts from the past will hit you hard, like a liquid explosion in your face! Delicious! Call 1800 – LIQUIDEXPLOSION to get your copy now! And that’s not all! The first 100 people to order this musical masterpiece will get a free copy of “Sounds of Sex Addiction Therapy”! Nothing better to soothe you in the morning then the tranquil sounds of nymphos talking about their various issues! Nowhere else but through LIFETIME will you get such an amazing offer!

(Please do not call between 5pm – 6pm. The operators will be attending Crack Withdrawal Camp at that time.)

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