A Nice Day Out

– What a fine spring afternoon as we begin our coverage of today’s casual frisbee-tossing playoffs. Mel, who are our quote-unquote “competitors” today?

– Well, we have Peter Warren Jr., a sophomore in Wharton. He owns the frisbee, so he’ll be taking the first throw today. Next up is Brandon Banda, here all the way from Sansom Place. Last but not least, number 31, David Noel, bringing up the rear. Noel is skipping Stat class to be here today – what a trooper!

– The players are spreading out. Warren’s waiting for the wind to die down a bit.

– Warren has a tough choice today: Clockwise or counterclockwise? Historically, he’s started out clockwise, but we can’t rule out a tricky play from him.

– And it is clockwise to Banda. Banda reaches, just barely catches the brim. He fires at Noel, that falls a bit short, but Noel retrieves it.

– Looks like Banda’s a bit rusty. He hasn’t done this since fall, but once he warms up he can be fierce.

– Noel goes for Warren, completes. Warrento Banda, beautiful shot, beautiful catch. Banda completes to Noel. Noel to Warren. Banda. Noel. Warren. Banda. Noel. What’s that? Noel to Banda!

– Big, big play early on from Noel, and this is what we like to see from him: Changing it up, changing direction, keeping the opponent on his feet.

– Banda to Warren now. To Noel. Banda. Warren. Warren goes for a bounce off the ground at Noel… he makes it! Noel back to Banda now… and it is over Banda’s head.

– Looks like the wind is picking up again. We might be seeing a few more misses like that one.

– Banda retrieves the disc. He goes for a long shot towards Noel. Noel runs after it and just makes the catch. Noel to Warren now. Warren fails the catch… He’s on the phone.

– Peter Warren has not talked with his sister in a while.

– He picks it up, throws it to Banda. Noel. And Noel’s toss is deflected by a pigskin player.

– Those guys throwing the football around have been getting closer and closer to the frisbee grounds and we’ve been wondering if there’ll be a confrontation.

– Banda has recovered the frisbee and they are trying to get into a space-sharing agreement with the football guys. It looks like one of the groups is going to have to play over the bocci game.

– That would make those ground shots awkward.

– And it looks like Noel has successfully talked the football guys away. Warren is getting off the phone and calling for the frisbee. Noel to Warren. To Banda. Noel. Warren. Warren throws towards Banda, but the wind is resisting. The frisbee touches ground and it looks like it’s right in the center of the triangle.

– This is drama, folks! Who gets the frisbee? Looks like they might have to measure this one.

– Warren steps up. He’ll be going for a re-throw.

– D’awww.

– Warren throws. Banda goes long, but doesn’t look behind him and trips into the middle of a philosophy class.

– It sounds like they were discussing Hume’s views on epistemology

– Now they’re discussing whether Banda is really there or not.

– Fascinating stuff.

– Meanwhile the frisbee has landed down on the asphalt, where there seems to be some kind of automotive event going on.

– Jeff, that’s just a normal street.

– Either way, it’s a tricky situation for Warren, who’s waiting at the curb for the coast to be clear. Meanwhile, some guy has strung up a slackline between Noel and a tree, and Banda has been hit by a flying croquet ball. He’s down… it looks like a concussion.

– That’ll be a penalty for the team that hit him, I’ll bet.

– Well, it looks like the game is on hold for now. More frisbee coverage after a word from our sponsors.

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