Application Essay for a Prestigious Cemetery

Ever since I was four years old, I have dreamed of being put to rest in a place that I could call my “home away from home.” After careful consideration, I believe that Sprawling Meadows Cemetery would truly be that place. I want to be buried in Sprawling Meadows because it uniquely aligns with my goals for the afterlife.

First, the quality of Sprawling Meadows’ resources and accommodations is very attractive. When researching your cemetery, I saw that it was ranked the #3 Cemetery, Necropolis, or Burial Ground in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. Additionally, I am impressed by Sprawling Meadows’ efforts to preserve gravestones, reserve space for extra-large coffins, and maintain a competitive Division II basketball team. Although Sprawling Meadows has vast resources, it is also one of the most challenging cemeteries in the country, given its large number of hauntings and zombie uprisings.

Despite these challenges, I believe that I have prepared my spirit well for the rigors of afterlife at Sprawling Meadows. At the Paranormal Preparatory Academy of Upper Darby, I took demanding courses to prepare my body and soul against attacks from the occult. Thanks to my participation in several ancient Pagan rituals, my body can resist any attempts at zombification. Further, when my soul rises from its terrestrial body as a specter of the night, I will be able to walk among the living as a Casperian friendly ghost. Thus, I am confident that I will be able to meet the high standards of Sprawling Meadows.

I am also attracted to the culture at Sprawling Meadows. When I visited in August, my tour guide touted the cemetery’s great diversity. I could not believe that the corpses in your fine cemetery came from all 50 U.S. states and over 75 foreign countries! I also relish the opportunity for my body to lie in the city of Philadelphia, which offers so many historical sites that I would love to haunt, such as the Liberty Bell or Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks.

Finally, I want to go to Sprawling Meadows for what it offers outside of the graveyard. Terrified citizens who live near your cemetery have screamed that the ghosts that float in and around Sprawling Meadows seem to have formed Greek letter organizations, musical groups, and intramural sports clubs. I would love to meet fellow ghosts that share my interests and become truly engaged in the community.

Sprawling Meadows is my first choice because of the quality of its resources, its cultural offerings, and its opportunities outside of the graveyard. Because of all these reasons, I am applying early decision and looking forward to a full afterlife at Sprawling Meadows.

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