Welcome to the Marriott!

From the staff at the West Kimberton Marriott Hotel, hello, and go Beavers! (The Kimberton Beavers are the town’s AA Minor League Baseball team). We’re glad you chose to stay with us!

West Kimberton, or “The Home of the Beavers”, is nationally recognized as one of several towns in the lower South Dakota region. The area was settled gradually from 1803-1852 by various drifters and abandoned circus performers who likely had mental illnesses that do not exist in this time. ‘Beaverville’ was given a financial boost in 1982 when a Texaco decided to place a small gas station and convenience mart in what is now the downtown area. This Marriott was built in 1986, and since then we have lived to serve and inject Beaver pride into the visitors to West Kimberton!

In the desk next to your bed, you will find a listing and map of local restaurants, shoe stores, pharmacies, and Beavers Stadiums. If you have any questions about the local area, like how to get to Beaver’s Stadium, feel free to talk to any of our hotel staff at the front desk. But be careful, start a talk with one of them and you might end up talking Beavers! (Our staff supports the Beavers).

You may have noticed when you entered the hotel parking lot that there was a T.G.I. Friday’s attached to the hotel. The staff strongly encourages you to go to Friday’s. There’s a family fun environment but also a bar where you could go and drink and watch the Beavers. The Beavers are always on in the bar! At Friday’s.

You’re welcome! I say that because I’m assuming your loved one just found the complimentary Beavers hats in the closet. These hats are yours to keep, so long as you make a lifetime commitment to support the team! (We’ll need it in writing). Go Beavers!

We are sorry to let you know that there isn’t a pool or fitness center in this hotel. People ask that a lot, so we just put it in the letter now. There isn’t. Sometimes guests go down to the ground floor to check but there’s just industrial equipment down there. Sorry.

But if you want to ‘swim’ in a pure euphoria of sports entertainment than talk to the front desk! There they will make you aware of our gift shop, which has many Beaver-related figurines and general memorabilia.

On the back of this letter, you can find the lyrics to “An Ode To Our Dear Beavers”, the baseball team’s anthem. Feel free to sing along to the orchestral arrangement of the track that will be playing from speakers in your room through the night.

Thanks again for choosing the West Kimberton Marriott Hotel, and we hope you enjoy your stay in the ‘Land of the Glorious Beavers’! As the saying goes, ‘Embrace your new life as a follower of the Beavers!’.

The Staff

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