Wu-Tang Fairy Talez

The following is a transcript of an unfinished Wu-Tang Clan recording, titled “Fairy Talez.”

[Verse 1: Method Man]
Ayo, Johnny Blazin’, amazin’, the Iron Lung
Here to tell a story ’bout these piggas from the slums
Their ma was gettin’ low on funds, so she told them, “Sons,
Go out, get some CREAM, don’t stay forever young.”

The pigs hit the streets, kicked the beats and slang raw
And then the youngest brother went and made a crib of straw
The others said, “Aw, hell naw,” used sticks and bricks
Little knowin’ they was ’bout to be in some shit

See, the Big Bad Wolf was runnin’ pyrex with another crew
Went to the first pig’s house to shoot him through, said
“Yo, little pigga, you better fuckin’ let me in”
“Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin”

So soon enough the wolf began to HUFF and PUFF
Ya know, JUST like Method when I PUFF the DUTCH
And the house was down with nothin’ but a GUST of DUST
The pig ran, screamin’ damn, WHAT the FUCK

Went to his brotha’s house of sticks, but they couldn’t do a thing
About this BAD mothafucka tryna fuck up they digs
Tears burst out they wigs, as the wolf began to blow, no homo
But soon though, the house was like some dro’

In the wind, so they went, to the third brotha’s crib
The wolf said, “I’ma blow it down, even if it’s bricks”
But he couldn’t blow it down, so the wolf started howlin’
Loud yellin’ “SOO!” like the Wu in Shaolin

Hopped on the roof, went and climbed down the chimney
But the pigs was boiling water at the bottom, cooked him simply
He used to be the Big Bad, now he was the former
The pigs sat back, they’d claimed all the corners

[Verse 2: U-God]
Ooh, here comes my Shaolin STYLE
This one duckling was ugly like OW
But then he turned into a swan like WOW
And NOW he’s got real STYLE like the SHAO

[Interlude: Ol’ Dirty Bastard]
Come on, baby baby…
They already know what it is…

[Verse 3: Ghostface Killah]
It’s the God, Tony Starks, spittin’ heavy criminology
Rockin’ Wallabees, eatin’ ravioli collared greens, I prolly be
Gettin’ tail while tellin’ yall the tale
Of how that Humpty Dumpty done sat around and fell

Hold on let’s back up, befo’ he went and cracked up
This egg was on some free-range shit, tryin’ not to get jacked up
In a kingdom full of fiends, King had his horses slingin’ weed
You know a don needs his steeds just like Caesar needs the greens

And Humpty was a dealer in the seed, cold slingin’ on the come-up
Hopin’ to raise his slumps up without havin’ to pump up
Son sold himself a batch, sat on a wall to count the loot up
But didn’t see his rivals as they rolled in to shoot’m up

Fell straight off the wall, yeah, Humpty was toast
Just a ghost, ey’body knew the egg had been poached
And now he had more cracks than the fiends in NY
The horses couldn’t do shit no matter what they tried

Half-brother Chicken Little ran up cryin’ on the hyper
Talkin’ “Member how you used to be a viper in the cypher?
Humpty, we shared diapers, God, now you got me bawlin’
See you in egg heaven, now the sky is really fallin'” 

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