The Life and Times of Ingar Brevich

What words could possibly describe the life and works of Ingar Brevich. Challenging? Real? Powerful? The truth is, no words could possibly capture the raw humanity that Ingar’s surrealist poems, plays, sculptures, Lego castles and pizza leftovers contain.

But while the world is moved by his art, the public is also enchanted by his mysterious personal life, a life that was clouded in mystery from the day he captured the world’s eye to the day he died, or June 4th, 2011.

While most of the public stopped caring about Ingar’s life a few hours after he died, for those still interested we have obtained excerpts from a scrapbook compiled by his parents during his youth. The scrapbook provides intriguing insight into the troubled man’s early genius.

Ingar First Protests The Tribulations of Man

Ingar’s First Rebellion Against the Catholic Church

Ingar’s First Existential Crisis

Ingar Tries Out for American Idol

Ingar’s First Blue Period

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