Winter Break

Boy:  Oh, hey.

Girl: Oh hey…I didn’t see you there.

Boy: Yeah, hey what’s up?

Girl: Hey, yeah, nothing…what’s up with you?

Boy: Yeah, nothing much, just going to class.

Girl: Yeah, class sucks.

Boy: Yeah. Class does suck.

Girl: What class?

Boy: What class sucks? All class! Hahaha.

Girl: Yeah no sorry I mean what class are you going to?

Boy: Oh some Econ class.

Girl: Oh yeah, Econ sucks.

Boy: Yeah it does suck…So how are you?

Girl: Pretty good not bad.

Boy: Not bad, pretty good.

Girl: How are you?

Boy: Pretty good not bad.

Girl: Not bad, pretty good.

Boy: So how was your winter break?

Girl: My winter break was good, how was your winter break?

Boy: My winter break was good. I mean, it wasn’t bad.

Girl: Not bad, not bad. What’d you do over winter break?

Boy: You know, just chilled, relaxed, hung out.

Girl: Yeah I know, sounds fun.

Boy: It was fun. What’d you do over winter break?

Girl: Hung out, relaxed, just chilled, you know?

Boy: Sounds fun, yeah I know.

Girl: Yeah it sucks to be back from winter break…It was fun.

Boy: I know winter break’s fun… And class sucks.

Girl: Yeah class sucks. I hate class.

Boy: I hate class. Winter break’s much more fun.

Girl: I can’t believe I haven’t seen you since we got back.

Boy: Back from where?

Girl: Well, back from winter break…You know?

Boy: I know. I’ve been really busy to tell you the truth.

Girl: Busy with what?

Boy: Well, busy with class.

Girl: What class?

Boy: Hahaha. All class! What class?

Girl: What class are you busy with? I mean, no sorry, yeah.

Boy: Some Econ class…oh….

Girl: Econ sucks, oh yeah.

Boy: Yeah it does suck…Well, here’s my class.

Girl: Class sucks. Talk to you soon?

Boy: Yeah, what are you doing over the weekend?

Girl: Just going to chill, relax, hang out. Something different, you know?

Boy: Yeah I know.

Girl: Well, maybe we can see what’s up.

Boy: Yeah, hey, what’s up.

Girl: Okay Bye…I’ll see you there.

Boy: Okay Bye.

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