#AskHerMore Oscar Questions

During last night’s Oscars, there was a Twitter campaign to #AskHerMore on the red carpet to encourage reporters to ask women celebrities about things other than what they are wearing. As Punch Bowl’s resident feminist, I have come up with a list of questions I would ask women on the red carpet given the chance:

  • What are your favorite pajamas? Not brand, but do you prefer like a ratty shirt that you love wearing even though it has a hole in the armpit? Or maybe a pair of boxers you took that one time you stayed over at Leo DiCaprio’s apartment?
  • If you had Minion nailart, which Minion would you get on your nail?
  • If you could only have one for the rest of your life: cheese, or oral sex?
  • Who’s the sexiest actor, out of all the actors?
  • Do you wish you had Jared Leto’s hair?
  • Now that we’ve stolen Ghostbusters from the men, which movie do you think we should take next?
  • What’s your favorite casual fast food eatery? Will you go to Panera with me?
  • If you could be any Meryl Streep character, which one would you be?
  • What’s your spirit lizard?
  • What’s your favorite Instagram filter?
  • If you had to gain weight for a role (wishful thinking), what would you eat?
  • Which is your least favorite double standard of Hollywood?
  • Do you think we should change the red carpet to the pink carpet to #RaiseAwareness about #BreastCancer?
  • Do you ever browse on Etsy for two hours and then not buy anything?
  • What’s your favorite karaoke song? Can we duet “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” together sometime?
  • What’s your opinion on most of society’s choice to ignore domestic abuse when it comes from famous men? (We’ll make sure Sean Penn and Terrence Howard aren’t nearby for this question)
  • Do you ever wish you could experience life in Hollywood as a white man? More specifically, as Clint Eastwood?
  • Do you take Buzzfeed quizzes? According to Buzzfeed, what is your inner potato?
  • Here, I have an extra pair of flip-flops in my purse, just take them, those Manolos look SO uncomfortable, you must be in so much pain. (This is only for Jennifer Lawrence)

And for the meninists out there demanding that men also be asked more, I wrote some questions for men on the red carpet:

  • What’s your favorite thing to bake?
  • Do you ever wish you could get a MAN-icure and paint your nails a sexy bright red?
  • If it was socially acceptable for you to wear a dress to the red carpet, who would you wear? Are you ever jealous of women that we get to wear clothing that gives us a nice breeze, when you’re really the ones who need that kind of ventilation? #YesAllMen
  • What is your inner potato?

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