Penn’s Newest Senior Societies

Penn’s growing student body can only mean one thing: more specific senior societies are necessary! There’s no limit to how many senior societies can exist. Still haven’t found your fit? Here are the new senior societies this year that might cater to your needs:

  • Wand, exclusively for lesbian magicians at Penn
  • Clay, catering to pottery majors with scurvy
  • Areola, the newest society for libertarians with nipple piercings
  • Styx, for Lebanese lacrosse players
  • Elephant in the Room, for closeted Republicans
  • Jump, catering to the needs of Canadian skydivers
  • Bovine, the most exclusive society for finance majors born on farms
  • Web, for any Zoroastrian who has ever taken a Buzzfeed quiz
  • Arbor, catering to inanimate trees just trying to fit in with humans!
  • Doll, the newest senior societies only for Ferbie dolls that come to life at night and haunt their owners





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