Punch Bowl Endorses Amy Gutmann for UA SAS Rep

The Pennsylvania Punch Bowl is proud to announce that we are officially endorsing President Amy Gutmann for the position of Undergraduate Assembly SAS Representative. We believe that President Gutmann’s platform of increasing mental health resources and visibility, cracking down on sexual assault, and raising billions of dollars while on the UA makes her the most qualified candidate.

We see her candidacy as a wake-up call for her opponents, who frankly have an underwhelming amount of experience leading Ivy League universities. Regardless of your opinions about her specific policies, nobody can deny that she has gotten stuff done during her time in charge of Penn. Comparatively speaking, the rest of the campaign has just been lip service; President Gutmann has made tangible progress. Due to this extreme disparity in track record, President Gutmann strikes us as the most obvious choice to represent the College of Arts and Science.

President Gutmann recognizes that new leadership is needed from this esteemed position on the UA. She will allow Penn to move forward with a unique voice driven by the students, which is something that we can all agree is necessary. The administration has become too powerful here, and President Gutmann is the only candidate that has a concrete plan to do something about it.

We recognize that the elections are concluded already, but an opportunity to elect a supremely talented leader as SAS representative just does not happen very often. We call upon the Nominations & Elections Committee to hold a special election around President Gutmann’s candidacy. We can guarantee that there would be a massive turnout among College students, who let’s face it don’t have much else to do besides vote.


In short, there is no candidate more driven, more experienced, or more financially responsible than President Amy Gutmann.

“All the other candidates are cockamamie, vote Amy!”

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