Super Fun Super Safe Tips for Proper Utilization of Snow Days

Heck yeah! Penn got half of a dope snow day. That’s half more than I thought we would get. Booyah! But look at yourself. You are sitting there, all confused in your room, not knowing what to do with yourself. “Uh should I use this time to study?” you say. NO, god damn it, NO. You need to take advantage of this wonderful white snow gift god has given us (read: white frozen precipitation, not cocaine). And you better do it right. But I don’t trust you. I’m a very trusting person, but I don’t trust you, Penn student, to do what you should. So please read this article for some fun and safe snow day tips.


  1. Make a Snow gutMann

This is pretty self-explanatory. Everyone loves to make Snow Men, but we go to Penn, so we make Snow Men with enormous incomes and net worths. Plus it would be cool to see Gutmann on campus and not in NYC.

  1. Wear Your Bean Boots

You own bean boots, don’t you? No use denying it. Be prepared to match every single other Penn student. I, of course, will also be twinning and proud of it.

  1. Sled Down the Bridge

It looks like fun and there are so many people to dodge, it’s like fun extreme sledding. Every person in a suit you hit on the way down is 10 points. Don’t have a sled? That’s okay! If you go and buy one now that is. Otherwise you are out of luck, sorry!

  1. Instagram a Picture of You in the Snow with a Warm Starbucks Beverage

Do it. Just do it. Everyone else does it and it looks so good and cool. I would recommend 10/10.

  1. Sleep in and Totally Miss All of the Fun

This is so easy to do that to be honest I recommend it. Plus, it gets rid of the possibility of anyone getting hurt from falling or the cold.

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