PSA: Don’t Fart and Swipe

Most of us have dabbled in the dating app scene at some point in college. Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, JSwipe, you name it. Some are seriously looking for a special someone, some are swiping “ironically,” and some use it cause they’re just plain bored.

If you’re on your dating app of choice swiping away and you happen to let out a little flatulence, it is advised to immediately stop swiping until such an odor emitting from this bodily function has passed. If you continue to swipe while enduring any such smell your brain will instinctively attribute it to the profile of the person you’re looking at. No matter how much you like them, you’ll swipe left because they smell bad. And that’s not fair—you’re the one who farted!

It makes sense, does it not? If you’re looking at someone’s face while smelling a fart, you’ll connect the smell to the person. You could be missing out on some amazing people just because of the unfortunately poor timing of when their profile comes up and when you need to fart.
So next time you’re swiping through your app of choice and you happen to fart, just cease all swiping activities until the odor has passed. Think about the dating app Golden Rule: would you want someone to swipe left on you just cause they farted?

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