It’s Jan. 2, So It’s Time to Revisit those Firework Videos, I Guess

It’s January 2, 2019, so it’s time to revisit those videos you took of fireworks on New Year’s, I guess.  The three 30-45 second videos have been sitting on your phone, dying for attentive eyes for over 24 hours now.  One is in slow-motion (you recently discovered that function of your phone), one is vertical, and one is horizontal, when you realized it’s 2019 and we won’t stand for vertical videos anymore.  The fireworks you documented, put on by your small-to-mid-sized local city, were not spectacular or noteworthy in any way.  But alas, you took out your phone and you recorded it, and now you are living with the consequences.  For the love of god, watch those videos.  They miss you.


Here are some other things on your phone you may want to revisit in the year 2019:

  • Your 10 km egg in Pokémon GO.  It hatched!
  • Those sick bars you left in your iPhone Notes in the fleeting moment you thought you could make it in the rap game
  • Myspace?
  • That screenshot you took that time you wanted to remember something important… what was it….
  • Candy Crush Level 147.  You are ready now.  The time has come.


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