What Did You Do This Summer?

School’s back (kind of), and naturally, that comes with the age-old question of people asking, “what did you do last summer?” I’ve always hated this question, and probably always will hate this question. There are always a bunch of people who traveled the world and had their dream internship at the same time…somehow. BUT NOT THIS YEAR! There’s no way there’s any luxurious plans actually survived. We did close the borders after all, right? 


Finally, I can flex about living in scorching Arizona and all there is to do there! I got to go outside for a whole 30 minutes because it was below 120 degrees for a week and when I tell you the air was crisp, the air was ~crisp~. Plus, you’ll never guess how nice the lake was with COVID restrictions. Now there’s only half the amount of boaters tossing beer into the lake and getting chased down by rangers. It’s incredible!


Don’t even get me started on work though. While everyone was stuck at home, I had the privilege of sitting in an office all day with a mask to the point I even forgot to take it off in the car. Everyone’s coming out of quarantine complaining about how hard it is to breathe in them, and I’m just wearing them like glasses at this point. 


So yeah, you could say my summer was pretty awesome and- oh, what’s that? You got stranded in Paris so you took your private jet all around the world to your different homes every month? Yeah, that’s…cool, I guess.


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