Best 5 Minute Life Hack EVER

Ok let’s be honest. By now, everyone realizes these “life hacks” are mostly useless. Even the so-called life hack channels themselves have started making debunking videos. All these “hacks” are idiotic clickbait that only serves to annoy people, because feeling angry is better than feeling the vast emptiness of the void. 

But don’t worry, for I have found one truly useful life hack! And it actually only takes 5 minutes (instead of waiting 6 hours for cement to dry)! This one simple hack removes toxicity and negative vibes from your life: Stop watching life hack videos!

Just unsubscribe! It’s not that hard.

It takes like 3 minutes, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself in a much better mood! For instance, when your “Karen” of a mom sends one that she “just knows you’ll love,” don’t watch it. It turns out you can just reply “That’s cool, Mom,” and skip the 3 paragraph rant about how all these hacks are simultaneously expensive and useless. 

I have yet to try this hack myself, because (like all life hack channels) I don’t actually test the things I’m telling everyone else to do. But here are some easy to follow steps:

First, open the social media of your choice and navigate to the life hack channel that angers you most.

Next, scroll to the unsubscribe/unlike/unfollow section and-

Ooooo! Wait, are they putting hot glue on a toothbrush? What could that possibly be useful for? Ok I’m just gonna watch this one… then I’ll… get back… to… uh…

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