NEW CLUB ON CAMPUS: We write Rupi Kaur poetry about Penn

Apparently the new club I started where ‘we write Rupi Kaur poetry about Penn’ was deemed by SAC as “too specific” and “is this a serious club.” Given this blatant attempt to silence the arts, I will be using the only platform I have to promote this up and coming club. 

she was on campus housing
he was revision to fall semester plans regarding on campus housing 

it’s funny
when it’s 30% participation, the words spill out of you
summaries and rambling examples and agreeing with others
but when there’s no participation element
mic muted, camera off
i guess i thought you really wanted to talk 

por favor señor 
now i understand
when you said it was unprecedented times 
you wanted to make it 
more unprecedented
why are there so many discussion posts, señor

feminism is
not taking a wage cut 
when you’re making
3.6 million dollars a year
during a pandemic
while you lay off
over a hundred subcontracted
dining workers
because women need to be
strong in this patriarchal society
amirite ladies

breakout rooms?
more like
breakdown rooms
h-help me 

sometimes i still have nightmares
hi is this ____?
my name is Sophie and i’m a freshman
calling from the university of pennsylvania
how are you doing today?
great! i’m calling today just to do some alumni outreach and (fundraising), can i start by verifying some contact information? 

i started these poems as a bit but
maybe i should start a club?
ahaha jkjk,,,,

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