An Open Letter to Maskers

Dear Masked Readers,

Take off your masks. They are no longer required, nor desired. The time for subjugation by the government and other controlling bodies must come to an end. They have suppressed our freedoms for long enough, forcefully injecting our bodies with dangerous biological agents and covering our faces with masks containing harmful chemicals, all under the guise of protection from some “pandemic.”

The only true pandemic plaguing humanity is the pervasive violation of the personal freedoms and natural rights. [SOURCE: John Locke. Ever heard of him?] When you wear a mask, you submit yourself to the power of the government. You admit defeat in humanity’s greatest struggle, the battle for free will. You signal that you do not oppose their power. No, you welcome their ever-increasing grasp on our lives, on our bodies, on our freedoms.

For too long they have silenced our protests. They have broken our social bonds and restrained our brotherhood by physically separating us. It is time to fight back against the oppressors, not only for your sake, but for the sake of all humanity.

We shall reclaim our freedoms by removing our masks so we can speak freely. We will take off the seatbelts and the helmets that constrain us, so we can move freely. We will remove stop signs and traffic lights that restrict us, so we can travel freely. We will dismantle the minimum wages and taxes and fiat currencies that regulate us, so we can trade freely. We will abolish our governmental captors, so we can live freely.

Let me be clear. I do not plead. I do not beg. I do not ask, nor request, nor urge. I demand. I demand that you all remove your mask and protect yourself, your community, and your country from the greatest threat to humanity – the threat of living without the chance to make our own choices. It is your duty, a duty that you should perform proudly.

Yours truly,

Coe Vid, ’19

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