The Most Common Questions about Kentucky: Answered

As one of the handful of Kentuckians running around Penn, I receive plenty of questions about the wonderful Bluegrass State. Here are answers to some of the most interesting Kentucky questions.

Where is Kentucky again?

From Philadelphia, travel down the Great Valley Road for a couple hundred miles, then switch onto the Wilderness Road at Roanoke, VA. Follow until you reach the Cumberland Gap. All in a week’s work.

What region of the United States is it in?

Midwest if you’re from the city, Southeast if you’re from the country

How far do you live from here?

A ten-hour drive, five if you’re a redneck.

Why don’t you have a country accent?

Several years of intensive speech therapy.

Thoughts on Mitch McConnell?

We love Cocaine Mitch.

How big is the horse industry there?

Bigger than Penn’s endowment.

How white is Kentucky?

Less white than Beverly Hills.

Is it an open carry state?


Do you open carry?

I just found out that Kentucky is open carry.

Kentucky is famous for its fried chicken, right?

Only in China.

Do you like KFC?


Do you own a cowboy hat?

No, I only grow corn.

What is there to do in Kentucky?

Grow corn.

How’s the weather, a bit warmer than here?

No, Boomer.

Did you grow up on a farm?

No, but my girlfriend did.

Did your high school wave a confederate flag?

No, but my girlfriend’s school did. Their mascot was a confederate soldier too.

I met someone else from Kentucky; do you know them?

Yes, we’re all part of a secret society called Rednecks@Penn.

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