Friday Special: Peaced Out of School

by Deidre Norris

      Every Friday, the Punch Bowl allows any member of its staff to submit a column for the website. Today Deirdre Norris, a senior who emerged victorious from OCR, makes some shameful observations.

You Know You’ve Peaced-Out of School When:

• You habitually read Craigslist’s Missed Connections…for the entire Eastern Seaboard and Phoenix
• You only go to class on the days when you feel you can successfully finish the crossword
• You’ve printed up and posted the Official Rules to Beer Pong over the table in your common room…and you strictly enforce them
• You un-pop your collar
• You’ve realized that cock size is inversely related to the amount of stuff carried to class
• You have your signing bonus in hand
• You’ve given up using an alarm in the morning and rely instead on your primal urge to check Facebook
• You’ve missed a midterm to live it up as reigning Quizzo champion
• You haven’t noticed any of the SAS webmail failures

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