Democratic Debate: A Haiku Review

by Jonathan Weinblatt

Hillary Clinton Eastwood
Boys ganged up on her
Hates illegal immigrants
Won’t answer questions

Barack Obama Rama
Wasn’t at his best
Sultry voice did not impress
Maybe he still won

John Edwardscissor Hands
Attacked Hillary
Looked good. Was it just the hair?
Can’t stand his accent

Joe Biden His Time
Rocked Giuliani
Best joke-teller of the bunch
Locked up the Smokes vote

Bill Richardson The Lionhearted
Loves diplomacy
Saved a man from Abu Ghraib
I don’t believe him

Chris Doddge Ball
When I saw his face
Lost interest in the debate
Connecticut, right?

Dennis Kucinichy and Scratchy
Wants to impeach Bush
Fan of the Constitution
He sees UFOs

Mike Gravelvet Revolver
Can’t raise a million
One-man show at World Café
A total nutjob

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