Penn Turbo Edition Demo: Special Moves Guide

by Rish Chaudhuri

Name: Fratman

Y repeatedly: Yellow Fever
Down + Down + X: Rohypnol Crush
Up + Down + Y: Sonic Rape
Down and Left + Y: Douchebag Drop
Back + Z: Cock Block

Name: Sorority Girl

Forward + X and Y: Bitch Slap
Back + X and Z: Spinning Ugg Kick
Right + pressing X repeatedly: Back Stab
Left + Z: Anorexic Punch
Back + Back + X and Y + X and Z: Gonorrhea

Name: ITA

Down + X and Z: Hard Drive Reformat
Right + Left + Z and Y: Computer Crash
Left + Y repeatedly: Complicated Barrage of Words
Forward + Forward + Z: Trojan Virus
Back + Right + Y repeatedly: General Awkwardness

Name: Wharton Student

Forward + Left + Y repeatedly: Arbitrage Opportunity
Back + Forward + Z and X: Curve Smash
Forward + X and Y and Z: Asian Glow
Forward + X and Y: Hostile Takeover
Right + Right + X and Y and Z: Amortization

Name: Pre Med

Left + Right + X and Z: Heart Attack
Right + Right + X repeatedly: A Cold
Back and Right + Z: Ebola Virus
Forward + Forward + Y: Orgo Homework
Back + Forward + Right + X + Y repeatedly: 1920 Commons

Name: Engineering Student

Left + Left + Y: Bunsen Burn
Forward + Right + Y: Tensile Strength
Right + Down +Down + X: Disorienting Dress Sense
Right + Right + X and Y: Social Ineptitude

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