The Waiting Game: Awaiting Your LSAT Score

by Jonathan Weinblatt

Since Walker already delved into the many things you should have done already as a freshman, I came up with a list more suitable for a senior. For anyone who like me is sitting and eagerly awaiting his/her LSAT score, here’s a list of things to do to pass the time:

1. Doodle … and forget your worries in the simplicity of youthful imagination
2. Befriend a law school admissions dean … so that the score counts for less
3. Learn a new language … for your forthcoming escape to a far-off land
4. Undertake a spirit quest … because it just sounds really cool
5. Sign up for OCR … and learn to act like a tool like everyone else
6. Join a post-LSAT Facebook group … because it’s the only way to gain legitimacy
7. Complete a jigsaw puzzle … and utilize logical reasoning skills you’ll never need again
8. Masturbate … why not?
9. Go to Smokes … and hear Kanye West’s “Stronger” several more times
10. Start studying for the December LSAT

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