iPod Recession Playlist

by Rish Chaudhuri

Karma Comedian
Don’t Let Lehmann Go Down On Me
Baby Got Mortgage Backed Securities
Buying You (Is Easy Cos You’re Insolvent)
I’m on the Dole
My Credit Report (lovely as a summer day)
Bail Me Out Buttercup (Put me on TARP)
T.A.R.P (Taking away your H1B)
Fired (The Madoff Cover version)
The Man With Golden Handshake (Theme song from the James Bondmarket movie)
No Paycheck No Cry
Toxic (Assets)
No Jobs (A job is something that existed previously)
Living on Welfare (take my hand; let’s go to a job fair)
We Will Sack You
Closing Shop (time for you got out with your pink slip into the world)
Bohemian Redundancy
No Reply (sorry, no vacancies. My bad)
Paranoid (about my portfolio with Merril)
Friday I’m Laid Off
I Believe In a Thing Called Employment
The Wind Cries Foreclosure
Bonus Spanish Track
La Bamba (yo necesito un trabajo poquito)

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