Oh the Places You'll Go

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My other idea for an article was "Rhymes for Adult Situations" One fish, two fish, red fish, I have aids."

Oh the Places You’ll Go

Today is your day.
You’re off to the White House!
You’re off and away!

You have an ivy-league brain.
You have hope through and through.
You have a biracial heart,
It matches your bipartisan cabinet, devoted and true.

“Yes we can!” you roared and helped us to see.
Now, you have the Presidency!

Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

We are on our way up!
With you, Americans will see great sights.
Internationally you will raise American esteem to high heights!

To begin, you say in such eloquent form,
“Affordable Healthcare for one and all!”
To have Medicare, Public Option, and insurance tort reform,
Wouldn’t that truly be a ball?

Ah, but not so fast, you don’t know what’s in store!
These are dangerous waters you unfortunately tread.
With Republican sharks and insurance companies galore,
Their lobbyists yell, “Off with his head!”

With such conviction,
They have made the decision,
To speak out against you with passionate derision,
Crucifying your life and political vision.

With loony eyes and malicious glee,
Billy O’Reilly and friends try to rally.
No longer a secret Muslim do they see,
Instead, you’ll be a full-fledged Nazi!

With courage and understanding you try to mitigate,
Sadly, so far, this had been your Watergate.
You smile and deal and try to placate,
But all your enemies see is a Communist state.

When you go to the people at town halls they bellow,
“You bastard, you ass, you horrible fellow!”
You move to appease but before they mellow,
Five-year-old Johnny screams, “Don’t kill my jaundiced grandmother, just let her be yellow!”

Outrageous you will say, ignorant indeed?
You can thank George W for that bountiful seed.
Don’t fix it now; you have no time for that deed.
Besides, without healthcare they won’t live to breed.

As your former friends and supporters idly stand by,
Joe Wilson screeches and screams, “You lie!”
While mother Pelosi and father Joe are forever be at your side,
Their stern looks can’t stop the bullies who deride.

I’m sorry to say, but sadly, it’s true,
Bipartisanship has happened to you.

As days turn into weeks and weeks into months,
This will be your singular fight.
Despite all of your friendships you’ve made in the past,
Only you, the Commander in Chief, can cure this national blight.

So dig deep and pull hard and please achieve,
What Hillary before you could not conceive.

And will you succeed?
Politicians say it’s un-American, indeed!
(By Republican logic, that’s 128 and 13/4th percent guaranteed.)

Kid, you’ll move mountains and find Osama.
So… be your name Clinton or Gore or Bush or Barak Hussein Obama.
You only have to try.
If you don’t, we might all die.
Today is your day!
Yes we can and will go all the way!
So… get on your way!


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