To the non-Greek population,

Over the past decade and a half Maternity Rush has gained new meaning beyond “Get me to the hospital! This baby is coming NOW!” No longer is the word maternity confined to a small ward in the section of hospitals that has suffered the most fire damage.

The Alpha chapter of Mu Omega Mu was started at the Mrs. Merriweather’s School for Educated Housewives in 1993 after doing some ironing and calling Betty. Since the budding of this first maternity, MOM has proliferated across the country, booming to 26 chapters including The College of Mary Washington, Ambler College, and Witchita State University. In addition, the University of Trenton and Southern Northeastern University are slated to gain their inaugural pledge classes later this summer.

But why maternities? Mothers across the country describe how they used maternities to promote their best interests, specifically networking and “sitting on my ass all day eating bonbons.” Others say that they used it to fill a void left by dissolved book clubs, uninteresting Red Hat Society meetings, and a string of listless marriages. Regardless of their reasons for joining, women do not become full mothers until they complete a grueling nine months where they learn everything about what it means to be a mother. That being said, most women find the time a good exercise in trying to balance motherhood and an active career— an effort which pays dividends after becoming an official mother. Founder of MOM, Alice Thubb told us “most mothers are actually very involved in their neighborhood participating in community service fundraisers and volunteer work. Many also hold leadership positions in their respective organizations. It is a misguided stereotypes that maternity is just an excuse to drink beer and get fat.”

Well, speak for yourself, Alice Thubb.

Andrea T. Piskai
Fashion Coordinator, Mu Omega Mu (Omicron Chapter)

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