Innovation Fail

Dearest Investors,

Here at U-Chemi-Corp, we know that times are changing, and people are looking for a fundamental shift in the way they go about buying their chemicals from processing plants.

That is why we are now proud to introduce our latest online venture:! The world’s first social chemical manufacturing site!

Members will have the ability to:

– Create their own chemicals
– Share their chemicals with friends
– Post photos of their chemicals
– ‘+’ their favorite chemicals
– Buy chemicals and other products from U-Chemi-Corp
– And 4 more things!

This exciting new foray into the online social scene is meant to serve all of our customers who ever thought to themselves, “I wonder what would happen if I mixed Praseodymium with Mercury and then showed all of my friends.”

So logon today to see what it’s all about! And remember that thanks to your continued contributions, U-Chemicorp is embracing the future of chemical manufacturing.

You-U-Chemicorp: Where the ‘u’ stands for uranium, and the ‘you’ stands for you!

Notice: The opinions expressed on do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of U-Chemicorp, Mrs. Chemicorp, or any other subsidiaries of the Chemoglobocorp-Sherman Dry Wood partnership.

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