10 Most Awkward Moments of Family Weekend

Alright so it’s October and you know what that means. No, not debate drinking games or over-exaggerated midterm stress – it’s Family Weekend. To get you ready for some “interesting family bonding experiences,” Punch Bowl freshman, Jared Wishnow compiled this list of awkward moments you should prepare for.10 Most Awkward Moments of Family Weekend

1. Your parents recognize and talk to the parents of someone you accidentally woke up with last night

2. Bringing your mom to a frat to get a good ratio

3. Your sister is thirsty and drinks from a water bottle in your room

4. Your parents tell you they will meet you 8:30 Saturday morning

5. Pre-gaming before the football game and subsequently losing your family’s eternal respect

6. Explaining to your mom you haven’t actually been to Hillel

7. Parents find your roommate’s bong on his desk

8. Your Dad takes a hit from that bong

9. Your Dad asks: “So which sock do you usually hang on your door?”

10. Your parents force you to take your 14-year-old sister to the OZ “abc” party

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  1. JaJa – Your Dad was always more of a pipe guy. His lung capacity was limited as a young man. Maybe now post Spin he has progressed.

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