Magic School Bus Permission Slip

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your child is going on a field trip with Ms. Frizzle’s third grade class. Transportation will be via Magic School Bus. Please fill out this permission slip, cut along the dotted line, and return the bottom half by _________________.


_______________________ (child’s name) hereby has my permission to attend a field trip to ______________________________ (fantastical scientific location/historical time period) on _______ (date) from __________ a.m./p.m. to whenever The Friz rescues the class from inevitable danger. I hereby waive my rights to litigate against the school district or Ms. Frizzle if my child is injured, killed, zapped by lightning, lost in space, devoured by white blood cells, or eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I also agree not to question how the aforementioned Magic School Bus works or why Ms. Frizzle holds field trips every day instead of using state-approved teaching methods. I hereby confirm that _______________ (child’s name) is totally cool with, say, being trapped inside an active volcano, and won’t be a whiny little bitch like Arnold. I have enclosed cash or check payable to Valerie Frizzle in the amount of _____________ to cover the cost of the field trip and Ms. Frizzle’s various drug habits. Ms. Frizzle also has my permission to share her ______________ (hallucinatory drug) with my child in order to enhance the learning experience. I agree not to show this permission slip to the police.

Parent/Guardian Signature ___________________________________________

Medical information: Please list any of your child’s medical information so that Ms. Frizzle will know what to disregard.

Emergency Contact: In case my child is lost inside Arnold’s ear canal, please contact ____________________ (name) at __________________ (phone number).

Would you like to be a chaperone? (Check one)
__________ Yes
__________ No
__________ I’d like to relocate my child to a new school district

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