Hub Bub Coffee Shop Puts Local Coffee Truck Out of Business

Investigative reporter and Punch Bowl freshman, Jeffrey Silver, explores the tension between big and small businesses.

After the grand opening of the HubBub store location, the local HubBub coffee truck was promptly put out of business. Parked on 38th and Spruce, the truck opened in 2009 and provided students with high quality coffee at a convenient location. However, it simply could not stand the loss of its dedicated customer base to the highly competitive HubBub café.

The Penn community has voiced their opinions on the issue:

Junior Sharon Stein was eager to take a stand and adopt the small business cause. “These big businesses just come in and wreak havoc on local businesses. That small HubBub truck was a local start up that didn’t deserve to be squashed by big coffee corporations like HubBub café.”

Alternatively, sophomore Max Carlson is eager for the new coffee shop. “This will be great! Now I won’t have to stand in the snow as I wait for my iced coffee,” he said after trying to convince his friends that it was still “tank-top season.”

“It truly was an honor serving coffee to dedicated students at my alma mater. I had a really good run, but I think its time for me to go back to Wall Street,” said HubBub truck owner and Wharton grad Drew Crockett as he pointed both of his middle fingers towards the new coffee location.

Across the street, HubBub café owner and Wharton grad Drew Crockett welcomed guests to the new campus hot spot. “I’m so excited to bring Penn high quality coffee at a convenient location… that doesn’t come out of a truck.”


*Disclaimer: This article is satirical and any resemblance to real people is fictional.

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