BREAKING: Stray Dog Wins Luge Olympic Gold Medal

Stray dog wins luge olympic gold medal

In a shocking and adorable turn of events, stray dog Vladimir Puptin won the gold medal in today’s women’s singles luge competition. Prior to the Sochi Winter Olympics, the Sochi government tried to eliminate all the stray dogs in the city, saying they were “wild and dangerous.” However, rescuers and law enforcement failed to capture this rambunctious canine.

Puptin managed to get into the Olympic stadium during the luge competition. Moving at an incredible speed, he leapt on to the track at the exact moment the competitor from Kazakhstan, Elizaveta Axenova, came around the bend, pushing her off with all his force and securing his place on the sled.

Puptin was a natural, beating the times of all other competitors and winning the gold for Russia. Russian President and Puptin namesake Vladimir Putin seemed to crack a very slight smile, but it may have been that he was suppressing a yawn. Puptin joins Julia Lipnitskaia on the list of Russian gold medalists.

Fifteen-year-old Lipnitskaia is excited to spend more time with her fellow gold medalist. “In Russia, this is typical. Where I come from, one of best figure skaters is dog. Maybe sometime I show Puptin how to skate.”

While Puptin’s competitor Axenova was miffed, she admitted the act was endearing. “He is very adorable, and I have much to learn from him,” Axenova said.

Puptin did not seem phased after speeding around the track, and responded to his victory with a loud howl. He is now being showered with treats, and some say he may be the next Doge.

The Sochi local government is now attempting to train all the stray dogs in winter sports rather than kill them.

Photo courtesy of Cady Heron.

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