Hoobastank for Fling 2015!

Obviously we all know and love “The Reason.” It’s a ballad for the ages and will surely stand the test of time in the realm of sad, but determined anthems of love. I play it almost constantly. At the gym, while doing laundry, as I fall asleep, and both in and out of class, especially in – professors love it. Sometimes it comes on in Greek Lady and I immediately burst into tears because it’s so beautiful.

But we all know about “The Reason.” It’s Hoobastank’s other, and might I say illustrious, body of work that people don’t seem as invested in. I mean they aren’t just any other post-grunge, hard rock, alternative rock, alternative metal band from Agoura Hills, CA. Those are a dime-a-dozen. No, Hoobastank is the real deal. They’ve been blowing up the charts since 1994 and show almost no sign of slowing down. They’ve had an album called For(N)ever, how clever is that? They also participated in the AT&T Team USA Olympics Soundtrack of 2010. I can’t even think of a band more equipped to capture the pageantry of the Winter Olympics. What possible musical organization could better accompany the spine-tingling, nail-biting emotions of a bobsled or curling competition?

Though they now mostly tour in Australia – a crime I might say – these American heroes must be brought back to US soil. No more “computer music” that fails to capture the spirit of the American dream like Hoobastank does. In these dark times we need a Fling headliner who can inspire us, and remind us what it feels like to have a dream. As Bob Marley has said, “One thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” One thing about Hoobastank is that even if their music somehow acquired a physical body that was hitting you, I’m fairly certain that it wouldn’t hurt anyways!

We need a group of young men who can reignite some passion on this campus. What happened to good old-fashioned American entrepreneurship and ingenuity? David Guetta certainly can’t embody that, nor can Magic Man (whoever they are). SPEC, I urge you to bring us the Magic Men we all need . . . HOOBASTANK FOR FLING 2015!

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