Arch Madness: Elite 8 (Results and Commentary)

8 went in, 4 came out. Here is how the Elite 8 went down:

None of Archimedes’ accomplishments could prevent him from taking arrows to the knee. Or to the heart. Or to the brain. Okay, it was pretty brutal. Archery has moved on to the Final Four.

Joan of Arc proves that she still has it even after being dead for so long. With God at her side (yes, literally God), she proved to archaeology that maybe some people are better left buried.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand barely squeaked by your own personal archnemesis. But aren’t you glad your archnemesis has been defeated? And by the guy who started World War I? Isn’t it funny how the world works sometime?

Arch Street, Philadelphia. What are we going to do about you? I mean, you made it this far, but you let your whole city down. But I don’t blame you. Have you ever seen an archaeopteryx? I mean, those things are friggin’ amazing. The link between dinosaurs and birds? Of course you were going to get steamrolled. It is hard to see the archaeopteryx stopping at this point.

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