ARCH MADNESS Sweet Sixteen Results

Yesterday our voters narrowed 16 arches down to eight… here are the results:

Science prevailed and Archimedes narrowly defeated the Archbishop of Rome.

As predicted, archery surpassed the Galapagos Archipelago (the discovery of evolution is awesome, but… bows and arrows)

In a surprise upset, Joan of Arc beat out Ted Mosby, architect. It is a sad day all around for How I Met Your Mother fans, but Joan of Arc was a badass.

It was a close round for archaeology and the Gateway Arch, but the majority agreed that those Black Plague skeletons are cooler than St. Louis.

Your personal archnemesis, while you may loathe him/her, is infinitely more interesting than Frontera and the never ending renovations of the ARCH building.

As expected, top seed Archduke Franz Ferdinand defeated the Roman Arch of Titus.

In quite the bracket disturbance, Arch Street, Philadelphia beat favorite archrivals Hatfields and McCoys.

In the closest call of the night, archaeopteryx beat the National Archives.

Stay tuned for the Elite Eight, to be posted on our Facebook page later tonight!

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