The Mixtapes I Want To See In 2015

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has a mixtape. Thus, here are some of the mixtapes I would personally like to see in the coming year.

Barack Obama with the highly anticipated follow up to Streets Is Calling Vol.1, says “let me be clear” to the haters
Joe Biden shocks all with his debut mixtape “Biden Dirty”, though clearly still does not understand the concept of rapping and makes awkward small talk over all of the tracks.
Claiming that he had “the blessing of God”, Pope Francis bringeth down the hellfire on critics with “Hello To My Haters”. Pope Francis also earns the world record for “I forgive yous” said in a rap verse on the track “I Like It When You Call Me Il Papa”.
Bill O'Reilly
Largely considered to be the most technologically advanced mixtapes in history, Bill O’Reilly’s “Billmatic” waits until you talk then loudly speaks over you until you cannot remember what you were going to say.
Despite its risqué title, “Head (Of State)” artist Bill Clinton still denies sexual interactions with Monica Lewinsky.
Hillary gained a lot of free time after passing on her job to current Secretary of State and Herman Munster look alike John Kerry. On her new tape 808s and Taxbreaks, Hillary drops beats and rhymes that hit harder than Benghazi did on her political reputation.
Not even lying, this mixtape would be fire. Putin probably has BARS.

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