List of Groups Applying for SAC Recognition

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Now that SAC has partially lifted its moratorium on student groups, an unnecessarily large number of student groups has attempted applying for funding and recognition. Through some sleuthing, the Punch Bowl has received a partial list of groups applying for recognition:

  • Assorted Glee Club Rejects
  • Assorted Mask & Wig Rejects
  • Assorted [Insert Cultural Performing Arts Group Here] Rejects
  • Backup MERT
  • DreamWorks A Cappella
  • Gluten-Free Students Against Toast-Throwing
  • Lumberjack Club
  • Penn “Too Enthusiastic about the Midwest” Club
  • Penn Alchemists
  • Penn Anti-Semite Club
  • Penn Semi-Semite Club
  • Penn Bullshit Your Way through Life Club (Formerly Pre-Law Association)
  • Penn Caviar & Filet Mignon Club (Formerly WASP Appreciation Society)
  • Penn Con Artists (Formerly Wharton Student Association)
  • Penn D.A.R.E.
  • Penn “Everyday is 4/20” Club
  • Penn for QDoba
  • Penn Hunger Games Re-Enactors
  • Penn in Jersey
  • Penn Mascots Association
  • Penn Middle-Earth Club
  • Penn musicians that are literally only around when you have a hangover (Formerly Penn Band)
  • Penn Roller Coaster Weirdos Enthusiasts
  • Penn SEGA Players
  • Rodin American Cartoon Appreciation Club
  • Young Billionaires Club

Any a cappella groups other than the ones mentioned above need not apply.

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