20 Things About Winter

So despite our best efforts, winter is indeed coming. Yeah, whatever, we get to have the holiday season and stuff but it will also be really cold and really dark for like four months (minimum) so there’s really nothing to actually be happy about. I guess the only things to do are to lace up your boots and get ready to pretend that humans are capable of hibernation. But I guess try and have fun you guys, it’s shaping up to be QUITE the season.

1) Puddles

2) The 38th Street Bridge is just going to get all slick and salty and wet all the time

3) The taste of Philadelphia snow

4) Icicle fear

5) The feeling when you walk outside and oh god it’s so fucking cold I just want to die but I have to walk to DRL oh my god this is giving me a brain freeze I should have gone to UVA

6) The lusciousness of chapped lips

7) The joys of the wind tunnel

8) Pledging

9) Commons just sort of giving up

10) General, all-consuming darkness

11) The sensation of getting a face full of grate steam

12) The inevitability of Valentine’s Day

13) Snowmen!

14) The Oscar’s I guess?

15) Solo drinking

16) General pastiness

17) Steaming up the windows at Smoke’s

18) Spring Fling is still 15 weeks away

19) It’s too cold to (go to the gym, leave your bed, make it to class, buy necessary sustenance, talk to people, move, think, live, breathe etc.)

20) Wawa honestly just seems farther

Fuck you, winter.

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