NFL Launches Investigation: Did Properly Inflated Balls Lead to Terrible Seattle Playcall?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell vowed to launch a full fledged investigation after recent allegations of foul play in Super Bowl XLIX. The New England Patriots Franchise has been accused by some of intentionally inflating balls to the exact median pressure prescribed by NFL bylaws.

“I for one am shocked at the outcome of the last game, and I know for a fact there are extenuating circumstances behind the sudden change of momentum,” Goodell told reporters early Monday morning. “I’ve seen enough games to know when something is up. People just don’t make calls like that. Bill [Belichick] had his hand in this somehow.”

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson confided in reporters Sunday evening that on the final offensive play of the game, the football felt “too adequately firm”. When asked whether or not may have caused him to pass the ball directly into the hands of rookie cornerback Malcom Butler, Wilson said “it most definitely was a factor”.

“I’m not saying Tom Brady went and checked the pressure of each individual ball in the cart to adjust them according to established standards himself, but I am saying that something felt off about this one”.

Seattle headcoach Pete Carroll also chimed in, saying he “knew that ball had been inflated the moment it left Wilson’s hands”.

“The moment I saw that ball sail up, right into the hands of that Butler fella, I knew it was the result of meticulous standardization and attention to detail. There’s no reason why I wouldn’t just let Marshawn Lynch just run it down their throats. I clearly would have made that play call. Why did I try taking it out of the gun? At least a screen pass or something. There’s something fishy about the whole thing.”

Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski was the only member of the franchise willing to comment on the investigation, simply saying “yo soy fiesta” and punching a reporter from CBS Sports. As of this morning no files have been charged.

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