SPEC, NORAD Announce Kesha Tracker

Penn’s Social Planning and Events Committee has teamed up with the North American Aerospace Defense Command to release a Kesha tracker in advance of her appearance at Franklin Field tonight. It was a hugely unexpected move, as Kesha in no way Tweeted (and immediately deleted) an announcement of the site’s existence. After that definitely-not-a-snafu, the first 500 students who emailed a now-deleted email account posted on SPEC’s Facebook page received a link to the tracker so they could learn where Kesha is throughout the day. Unfortunately, Punch Bowl conducts all business through the United States Postal Service and so we cannot directly provide access to that link. Deal with it. 

kesha final

Artist rendering of what the site probably looks like.

The move is a follow-up to NORAD’s wildly successful Santa Tracker that they release every Christmas eve. On that site, kids can follow Santa Claus on his travels throughout the world. SPEC was quick to point out the parallels here.

“Fling is an experience that everybody looks forward to all year, and in that way it is very similar to Christmas. We could think of no better way to integrate those two experiences than to team up with one of the world’s preeminent missile defense systems,” SPEC spokesman Greg Byles stated.

The announcement’s timing was questioned by students everywhere. With such short notice, students that the Punch Bowl interviewed expressed dismay that they will not be able to find the time to use the service.

“Honestly, this sounds like a great idea and I wish they had done it for previous Fling performers. But I wish I had known sooner—I already made plans to BYO my chem recitation so I don’t really know if I’ll be able to find the time to use it” said one student named Sebastian Whiting who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

As of press time, Kygo is nowhere to be found. 

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