The 2016 Election’s Media Double-Standard

One thing that’s really been irking me this election cycle has been the incredible double-standard afforded to different people. The media as well as everyday citizens have been complicit, but I would like to do my part to address it now.

Under pressure from the Hillary Clinton campaign and media outlets, Donald Trump has waffled on whether or not he will release his full medical report to the public.  Donald Trump can get away with this, but when I go and slaughter twelve goats in the rooftop lounge I’m “interrupting karaoke night.” Why is one okay, but not the other?

Every time I heard another completely sober, off-key freshman belting out “Bohemian Rhapsody,” those goats sitting quietly in the corner beckoned to me. What was I supposed to do, not stab them repeatedly and hurl them against the floor-to-ceiling windows? Donald Trump is 70 years old! The people have a right to know if he has any serious medical conditions that he is hiding!

I want to make it absolutely clear right now: I did not do this as any sort of ritual sacrifice. I am not a Satanist; I am not attempting to appease the Prince of Darkness or whatever the kids call him these days. I was simply seized by the compulsion to butcher these innocent creatures due to the horrifying ordeal of sitting through karaoke night. We can all agree that that’s a reasonable reaction!

But despite this perfectly acceptable response, I was universally pilloried from the beginning. Which begs the question: Why are we focusing on someone massacring a dozen ungulates in full view of his dormitory, when we should be focusing on the least transparent presidential candidate in history? Considering the amount of hostility I have faced recently for no good reason, Donald Trump should practically be on the next train to Siberia. Instead, the media has all but ignored his transgressions in order to vilify twelve justifiable bovicides. This is an inexcusable dereliction of duty, and I will stand for it no longer.

Our media can do better than this. I know it because we’ve seen it. But we must fight back. We must tell the media: No more hit pieces on the blameless student. No more puff pieces desecrating his name and the names of the goats he murdered. Instead, let’s hold the Trump campaign to a higher standard. A standard that says “No matter how many goats are killed, you must release your medical records.”

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