President Donald Trump Releases Statement Criticizing Michael Flynn

One day after Michael Flynn resigned as National Security Advisor, President Donald Trump released a statement criticizing the retired lieutenant general’s actions during the transition.

“Look, everyone, Mike Flynn is a great guy. But he leaked to the Russians! That’s my thing!,” Trump said. “I love it when classified intel goes whizzing around secretive Russian officials.”

Flynn came under fire for discussing the removal of sanctions on Russia during a phone call to the Russian ambassador in December. He then lied to Vice President Pence, denying that he discussed sanctions on the call. After the slow trickle that intimate conversation’s details was exposed to the public, Flynn became the first casualty of the Trump administration.

Trump was reportedly furious that Flynn took it upon himself to shower Trump’s inner secrets all over Russian intelligence. His statement continued, “I just can’t believe that Mike would do this, it’s disgusting. Leaking all over this so-called ambassador. It’s like he gets off on this stuff.”

The Trump administration has spent the last 24 hours dealing with a groundswell of negative publicity resulting from Flynn’s behavior. After initially offering him the support and backing of the West Wing, the former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency was forced to resign. His golden time in Trump’s administration was full of leaks to the press, leaving the president in a very sticky situation less than a month into his tenure.

Flynn, for his part, was apologetic after he was caught. In a statement to the press that he read live on CNN, he said “I am sorry for any distress that my actions may have caused for President Trump and the American people.”

“I just want the President to be the best president he could possibly pee, I mean be.”

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