President Trump Reacts to NCAA Tournament on Twitter

@realDonaldTrump had much to say about the start of March Madness. Here are some of his top tweets.

“Incredible that Norte Dame almost lost to Princeton — one of the worst schools! I would know cause I went to the best school, the Wharton School of Finance.”

“We had such a great rally in Wilmington, NC — tremendous. Shame they lost to UVA, who wiretapped UNCW under direction of Corrupt Tim Kaine. Bad!”

“All of the coal mining jobs I have already brought to W. Virginia have paid off — they beat Bucknell. Crooked Hillary hates coal!”

“Gonzaga is a stupid name for a school in a crappy state — WA. South Dakota St. should have won — tremendous support. Sad!”

“Do all people who go to Butler become butlers?”

“Karen Pence went to Butler, and now she’s married to my butler… close enough!”

“Maryland got what they deserved for voting for Crooked Hillary. So many illegals voting. We must secure our border! #MAGA”

“Northwestern is where people who cannot get into Wharton go. I would know because I went to Wharton, the best school.”

“Florida is my favorite state, I have tremendous support. UF and FSU are the two best schools anyone has ever been to, ever, except Wharton, where I went.”

“I have always loved Middle Tennessee, from the very beginning. I said they would beat Minnesota and they did. I was right!”

“Saint Mary is my favorite saint. Have you heard what she is doing? Just incredible. She even plays basketball. Is there anything this woman can’t do?”

“Arizona may have beat North Dakota, but their Senator, John McCain, is still not a war hero. Also, he could not even beat Obama… so the disastrous last 8 years was his fault. Sad!”

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